Study group finds rare specimens on trip to Kettle Creek Battlefield

Georgia Botanical Club field trip visitors enjoyed their field trip and are shown here on War Hill of the Kettle Creek Battlefield. Botanists and guests of the Georgia Botanical Club, seeking a variety of uncommon plants in a small area, visited the Kettle Creek Battlefield site on May 10. Since the site has been undisturbed for over 100 years, it has protected many species from Revolutionary Days as well as those migrating in from all directions.

Sixteen professional botanists and hobbyists found the half-mile trail around War Hill a constant challenge for identifying uncommon and rare specimens. "Well worth the two and half hour drive" was one comment. "I’ve never seen this in flower before," was another.

From a rare mushroom to "the tallest tulip poplar I’ve ever seen," the excitement of the very friendly group never subsided during the three-hour field trip. More than a hundred species were identified, about half of which had not been reported from Wilkes County. "With permission, I would like to return over the next couple of years and collect specimens for the University of Georgia Herbarium," said Linda Chafin, leader of the group.

An ornithologist listed 16 birds within the site in addition to a hen turkey with chicks, identified from bird calls.

The Georgia Botanical Society offers field trips at the invitation of local botanists, teachers, environmentalists and others. Joe Harris, board chairman for the Kettle Creek Battlefield Association, arranged the visit through Linda Chafin, of the Georgia Botanical Gardens in Athens. Allen Burton served as cohost and provided a briefing on the significance of the site and battle in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War.



 Historian speaks on Wilkes Revolutionary Battle

July 3rd, 2014. (Copied from the News-Reporter newspaper of Washington, Georgia)

Dr. Robert Scott (Bob) Davis, noted historian is presented with the SAR’s Silver Good Citizenship award by Roger Coursey, president of the Georgia Society, Sons of the American Revolution at a recent meeting of the Washington-Wilkes SAR. The award was presented for his research, writings, and interest in the preservation of the Kettle Creek Battlefield. During the meeting, Dr. Davis spoke on the recent discovery of, and archeology at, Carr’s Fort where the Patriots and Tories fought three days prior to and a few miles from Kettle Creek, the site where the Patriots won an important battle on February 14, 1779. Davis was recommended for this medal for supporting the initiative to preserve the battlefield as far back as 1975 when he pursued obtaining park status for the Battle of Kettle Creek. Robert Scott Davis is also a noted genealogist and hales from Wallace State College in Alabama and has researched countless Patriots who participated in the Battle of Kettle Creek.

Other News: Betty Slaton continues to collect genealogy research for the descendants of the patriots who fought at Kettle Creek with the latest Patriot identified as Austin Webb. Austin Webb was known to have fought at the Battle of Kettle Creek February 14, 1776, under the leadership of Elijah Clarke, one of the commanders of the Patriot forces. Webb was with Clarke when British feared commander Ferguson pursued north and forced Clarke into Tennessee and North Carolina. As Ferguson broke off his pursuit he was cornered at Kings Mountain and was killed at the Battle of Kings Mountain.

Anyone who has genealogical roots of the patriots of Kettle Creek should get in contact with Betty Slaton, genealogist of the Patriots of Kettle Creek…at

 Currently, we have only walking trails.  They are not at all suitable for horses or bikes.  It may be a few years before other trails are ready.  Thanks you. 

KCBA Over $614,000 has been invested in the preservation of the Kettle Creek Battlefield.  Now, after KCBA has raised over $140,000 toward the acquisition of more land.  Recently, KCBA purchased 60 acres from donations received.  See the attached for the preservation history. (Click on the link below):

Preservation History

KCBA Kettle Creek Battlefield Association purchases land.

The purchase of 60 acres is the first extension of the Kettle Creek Battlefield site in a century. Wilkes County’s best-known Revolutionary War battle site has expanded for the first time in nearly a century after officers of the Kettle Creek Battlefield Association purchased more than 60 acres adjacent to the present site, expanding the size of the battlefield park to some 75 acres total. Click on the link:

Wilkes County Reporter - Kettle Creek


KCBA Kettle Creek Battlefield Assoc. continues progress.

Progress and planning on four fronts were extensively discussed at a recent meeting of Kettle Creek Battlefield Association (KCBA) officers and others. Langford Holbrook of the UGA Carl Vinson Institute of Government, presided for a strategic planning session held in Washington.

Holbrook opened the meeting with a brief report on a dozen telephone interviews with key offices and individuals whose position related to Kettle Creek battle site development. Whereas he found uniform positive support among local individuals, conversations with Athens acquaintances revealed that ignorance of the very significant.

Holbrook USA Article 11-14-2013

KCBA Forum on War Hill discusses many future uses for pristine Revolutionary War battlefield park

By KIP BURKE-news editor of the Washington-Wilkes News Reporter….

Leaders or their representatives from across Washington-Wilkes and the state of Georgia assembled at War Hill Friday to discuss with members of the Kettle Creek Battlefield Association the future potential of the pristine Revolutionary War battle site.   Dr. Joseph Harris, chairman of the KCBA, welcomed the visitors and read a letter from Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal. “The history of Georgia is an important part of our identity,” the governor wrote, “and I thank you for the work you do to………click on the following link to read the “rest of the story”….


KCBA Land Fund – Beginning of the Development of the Kettle Creek Battlefield Park.

    We need you!-You make it happen- $200,000 goal creeps closer.  Presently, $125,223.31 available!  Need your help!

KCBA announces the land acquisition Phase I project to purchase up to 95 acres of the historic contiguous land just north and west of War Hill. Presently, KCBA has raised  over $ 125,223.31* (*December 11, 2013) toward this land purchase through donations, new memberships, and matching challenge donations and pledges. We need your support to raise $200,000 for this parcel of land purchase. Send your donations, life membership amount or pledges to KCBA Land Phase I Purchase; Kettle Creek Battlefield Association, Inc.; P.O.Box 729; Washington, Georgia 30673.

Your contributions are tax deductable-KCBA is a 501 (c)(3) organization. Click to download a form to print out: Donation: (Keep
monitoring this website for updates as this is changing daily)

Donate for the Preservation Cause to protect the battlefield

KCBA           Honor Roll of Donors

Thank you for your support-you make it happen!


Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution


Kettle Creek Battlefield Association

$5,000 - $10,000

Joseph Habersham Daughters of the American Revolution

Georgia Society Children of the American Revolution

Charlie A. & Clare H. Newcomer

Walker & Jo An Chewning

Dr. James A. Granade

LTC Robert & Honorable Mary Jane Galer

$1,000 - $4,999

Kettle Creek National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Marty Thurmond Fund

Elijah Clark Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Button Gwinnett Chapter, GASSAR

Piedmont Chapter, GASSAR

Allen Howard Society, GASCAR

Samuel Elbert Chapter GASSAR

Dwight G. Harley, Sr.

John David & Linda Chestnut

William K. Jackson

George Thurmond

Col. Marshall A. Guill

Robert R. Turbyfill, Jr.

Mark and Emile Waters

Oglethorpe Chapter NSDAR

Old Unicoi Chapter NSDAR

 Coweta Falls chapter, Georgia Society SAR

$500 - $999.00

Owen, Thomas & Jane

Ramsaur, Richard and Lynne

Harris, Joseph

Athens Chapter GASSAR

Sapp, Robert  A. and Joyce

Galis, Heard

$200 - $499

Col. Ebenezer Folsom

Fareway Bldg, R. Cofer

Don & Nancy Burdick

Burton, Emory Allen

Farmers State Bank

Guest, Jackson

Reanoke Chapter NSDAR

Broome, Thad and Ginny

Wiregrass Chapter GASSAR

Up to $199

Robert F. Carr

Augustin Clayton NSDAR

Bernie Henderson

Betty Slaton

David Denard

David R. Titus

Elaine Roberts

F & M Bank

John S. Harris

Peggy H. Galist

Rusty Callaway

Sandra & Charles Wray

T. Marion Slaton

Virginia Jaehnig

Walter Louis Harris

William Hargrove III

William Reynold

Altamaha Chapter NSDAR

Anne S. Floyd

Benjamin Hawkins NSDAR

Brackey, E. Lynn

G. Kathryn Anderson

Garvin Aycock

James Larry Pinson

James Pittman NSDAR

Kettle Creek NSDAR

Mary H. Washington NSDAR

Meadow Garden NSCAR

Old Noonday Chapter NSDAR

Sandy Springs NSDAR

Sukey Hart NSDAR

Thomas Reynolds, Sr

Thomas L. Reynolds, Jr.

Washington-Wilkes Chapter GASSAR

Washington-Wilkes Chamber of Commerce

Edmund B. Reinagel

Glenn Eskey

Hawkinsville NSDAR

James Stewart Chapter NSDAR

Kettle Creek NSDAR

Larry Wilson

W. H. Fluker

Beverly Moody

Katherine K. Bray

Thomas Miller CD XVII

John deVane Sr.

John Clarke NSDAR

KCBA History of the Preservation of Kettle Creek. Over $550,000 has been donated toward the preservation of Kettle Creek Since 1899. This includes DAR, SAR, Car, local Wilkes County Citizens, GADNR, Historians, and interested citizens. Click on the document:

Preservation History

KCBA July 7, 2012. Children of the American Revolution donates to the land fund
Click below for more information:

CAR Reception

KCBAJune 2013. Wilkes County agrees to allow KCBA to purchase 10-30 acres for the beginning acquisition of the battlefield.  Negotiations on-going with Plum Creek Timber Company.

KCBA Georgia House of Representatives Tom McCall, (District 33), Mickey Channel (District 120) and Barry Fleming (District 121) passed a Resolution as read on the floor of the House resolution #379…….  
Resolution #379

KCBA U.S. House of Representative Honorable Paul R. Broun read into the Congressional Record (on the Floor of the House) the Congressional Proclamation – the Battle of Kettle Creek…….. 
Congressional Proclamation Congressional Proclamation

KCBA Progress for Funding: KCBA is in the process of obtaining funds for various projects: Book for Sale: “Stirring Up a Hornet’s Nest” by Dan Elliott.  For Sale…..Categorized in American Revolution, Archaeology, Genealogy, Battlefield Archaeology American Revolution, Archaeology, Battlefield Archaeology, Georgia, Loyalist, Loyalists and Revolutionary War. Evidence from the 2008 historical archeology study of the Kettle Creek battlefield in Wilkes County, Georgia shows “footprints” where the battle of Kettle Creek (February 14, 1779) took place. This is not just an archeological study about the Battle of Kettle Creek February 14, 1779, but it identifies those patriots who served there and identifies loyalist as well. This study sets the stage for the development of the Kettle Creek Battlefield Park……….visit  $45.00

KCBA Archaeologists Discover Revolutionary War Carr’s Fort on Georgia Frontier ….Wilkes County, Georgia – Archaeologists with the LAMAR Institute discovered the location of Carr’s Fort, a significant frontier fortification that was attacked on February 10, 1779. The discovery was funded through grants from the National Park Service American Battlefield Protection Program, Kettle Creek Battlefield Association, and The LAMAR Institute. The month-long search by a team of six researchers encompassed more than 2,700 wooded acres of the Beaverdam Creek watershed. Battlefield archaeology at Carr’s Fort yielded about a dozen fired musket balls, several musket parts and several hundred iron and brass items from the 18th century………………….Carr’s Fort Press Release 4-30-2012

KCBABlack Patriots: Funded by the City of Washington, a memorial for the Black Patriots was placed on the grounds of the City Square in August 2012. (Cost exceeds $50,000-$100,000)……..Click for story: Black Patriots

KCBAMaster Plan - $50,000 by CSRA, Jason Hardin author. (Download 4th version at):

KCBABrochures - $6,000 (2012) for brochure development (funded);

KCBASignage:  Washington-Wilkes Chapter (2011) applied for $2,000 for signage (funded).  Directional Signs for Kettle Creek Battlefield location are in place along highways.

KCBA Several Grants have been submitted for a total of $1.8 million to acquire land. To date we have interested “Partners” but have to find more.  County has agreed to be the recipient of the land and will maintain the park as they have been doing since 1930 (included the access route).  KCBA continues to develop their financial resources and presently they are in negotiations for on-going purchase of land.  Stay tuned for further announcements.

KCBAGovernor Nathan Deal: On March , KCBA officials met with Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia, State Senator William Jackson, House Representatives Tom McCall Mickey Channell, and TPL (Trust for Public Land) and discussed the needs for future funding. The request was made for partnership in funding.


Pictured (L-R): Rep. Tom McCall, Chairman of KCBA Board of Directors Dr. Joe Harris , Gov. Nathan Deal, KCBA Board Member Larry Wilson

(12) U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss: On April 2nd, KCBA officials met with congressional leader U. S. Senator (GA) Saxby Chambliss to request future funding from the federal government.


L-R: KCBA Bd. Member Larry Wilson, Chairman KCBA Dr. Joseph Harris, Wilkes County Board of Commissioner Kerry McAvoy and Washington-Wilkes County Chamber of Commerce President David Toburen

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