Help save the Kettle Creek Battlefield in Wilkes County, GA!  A small percentage of the American Revolution battlefields have been preserved – many battlefields have been taken over through expansion of cities, building projects, and other expansion projects and these battlefields have been lost forever and cannot be recovered. Savannah and Augusta are two prime examples in Georgia where the expansion of the cities have covered up the original battle sites.

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Contribute and Support the Kettle Creek Battlefield Association in developing/expanding the battle site to preserve the pristine battlefield. Your gifts have already allowed KCBA to purchase an additional 60 acres and now Wilkes County has 75 acres of contiguous battlefield land.  (see the story at:  (click on the link) Wilkes County Reporter - Kettle Creek.   Your gifts will continue to help us purchase the surrounding land to the immediate "War Hill" site - an expansion from (now) 75 acres to a projection of 200-873 acres. Our chance is "now". We are very fortunate the land surrounding the War Hill site has been underdeveloped (degraded only through farming and timber harvesting) since the original battle February 14th, 1779...but it is a matter of time before we lose this opportunity to protect the threatened landscapes and historic sites from investors who wish to deny public access. Already there is a threat of ownership for cutting off public access.  We actively are beginning to seek a variety of funding sources - individuals, foundations, corporations and governments to enable the purchase and development of this historic site. There were some 11 major battles in Georgia - three in Savannah, two in Augusta, one in Screven County, one at Ebenezer, one at Sunbury/Fort Morris, one at Vann's Creek, and one here at Kettle Creek. One Naval battle took place along the Frederica River near Fort Federica on St. Simon's Island. Out of each of these battles during the American Revolution, Kettle Creek is the only one which has a potential to preserve the complete battle field. The other battle sites are under water, under growth and expansion of cities, and have a limited token amount of land like Fort Morris/Sunbury with the exception of Brier Creek down in Screven County which is protected by Georgia's Department of Natural Resources as a hunting preserve. Georgia needs to "Remember the Battle of Kettle Creek"- one of the few victorious sites during the American Revolution in Georgia and truly one of the landmarks of Georgia.

We can't save this threatened battlefield alone—we need help from concerned citizens like you. Help us save this Kettle Creek Battlefield.

Yes, I want to help preserve and promote Georgia's unique Revolutionary War site and Landscape - the Kettle Creek Battlefield. Please put my gift to work in the "Preservation Landscape"

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_____ Col. Andrew Pickens.................... $500.
_____ Col. John Dooly....................... $1,000.
_____ Col. Elijah Clarke..................... $2,500.
_____ General George Washington...... $5,000.
_____ Kettle Creek Battle Legacy ..... $25,000.

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